Sun & Style Your Daily Protection

During the summer, sunscreen is essential not only to prevent redness and sunburn, but also [...]

Beauty rays: protect your skin from the sun

Secrets to perfect skin in summer Summer is the time to enjoy the sun, sea [...]

Technology in the service of Beauty. Discover the world of Fillerina.

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New frontiers: Labo x-ingredients, customisable cosmetics.

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Thinning and hair loss: slowing down is possible!

Thinning and hair loss: slowing down is possible! With Labo Crescina treatments. It is erroneously [...]

The needle less lifting treatment to do at home.

Fillerina face and neck lifting. It reaches the deeper layers of the dermis, helps to [...]

Labo Suisse – A story of quality

Labo Cosprophar Suisse is a Swiss brand born in the late 1980s.Labo’s mission is to [...]

The Cellulite
Causes and Cure

The imperfections of cellulite concern a high percentage of women who wish to eliminate that [...]

Sensitive and reactive skin

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The Science in Beauty

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