Technology in the service of Beauty. Discover the world of Fillerina.

In the vast panorama of products and treatments to combat skin ageing, Labo, with its Fillerina brand, is undoubtedly a constantly evolving benchmark. For decades, the Swiss brand has invested considerable resources in research and patenting, but especially in the area of product efficacy tests. The scientific community’s interest in these tests is manifested in […]

Thinning and hair loss: slowing down is possible!

Thinning and hair loss: slowing down is possible!

Thinning and hair loss: slowing down is possible! With Labo Crescina treatments. It is erroneously thought that thinning hair and receding hairline are the same thing and affect both the male and female gender. In reality, the receding hairline affects in most cases the man, through a regression at the height of the forehead and […]

Labo Suisse – A story of quality

Labo Suisse – A story of quality

Labo Cosprophar Suisse is a Swiss brand born in the late 1980s.Labo’s mission is to invest in quality products and for this reason it carries out continuous studies on products, improving them, to better meet the needs of consumers. As per the proverbial Swiss precision, in fact, Labo boasts numerous patents which are proof of […]

The Cellulite
Causes and Cure


The imperfections of cellulite concern a high percentage of women who wish to eliminate that unsightly “orange peel skin”, a particular condition caused by the accumulation of fat in some areas of the body. To effectively treat this type of problem, it is first necessary to identify the causes that determine cellulite. The name cellulite […]

Sensitive and reactive skin

Pharmaflorence advises you: If you frequently suffer from itchy redness, the solution to find relief is to discover the substances or agents responsible for these reactions and eliminate them from your daily routine. To achieve this, it is often helpful to keep a diary in which to note when and where these skin manifestations occur. […]

The Science in Beauty


Beauty as inspiration and aspiration Korff creates innovative scientific solutions characterized by satisfying textures, scents and colors for healthy and beautiful skin. He guarantees effective and proven results, combining them with extremely sensory experiences. This is the soul of Korff, the brand for consumers who wish to entrust their beauty to effective, innovative, safe and […]

Beauty Specific Zones


  The Causes of Wrinkles As we age, the skin tends to lose its elasticity and firmness maintained by two fundamental proteins Collagen and Elastin. Fibroblasts are the cells that have the task of producing these proteins. When the skin aging process begins, the number of fibroblasts gradually begins to decrease, as does the production […]

Labo Transdermic


No Injection, Yes Transdermic Technology If you think of a dermo-cosmetic treatment, the image of needles and the sensation of discomfort and pain are associated with it. Skin blemishes are always treated in professional studies, which use invasive methods for greater effectiveness and duration over time. All this can now be avoided, obtaining the same […]