Thinning and hair loss: slowing down is possible!

Thinning and hair loss: slowing down is possible!

With Labo Crescina treatments.

It is erroneously thought that thinning hair and receding hairline are the same thing and affect both the male and female gender. In reality, the receding hairline affects in most cases the man, through a regression at the height of the forehead and temples (in women the receding generally does not occur and the hair loss is uniform throughout the scalp), while Hair thinning occurs with advancing age in both genders. In this sense, hair thinning is nothing more than the physiological loss of hair, also called androgenetic alopecia, due to the exhaustion of the hair regrowth cycle within a certain number of hair follicles. The hair thinning process and the progression of receding hairline vary from person to person. The phenomenon is of concern when it occurs earlier than the average of individuals or when it progresses at an abnormal speed.

It is also necessary to know that hair has two distinct structures: the first is the hair follicle, which resides in the skin, and the second is the stem, visible above the surface of the scalp. Sometimes the hair stems emerge from the scalp in small clusters that come out of a single follicular ostium, each of which represents a visible, superficial portion of a more complex but well-defined structure called the follicular island. Unlike the single hair follicle (in which the structure is unique and only one stem emerges from it), the follicular islets are complex systems composed of several hair follicles (from 2 to 5) whose stems protrude from a single follicular ostium (opening) . The follicular islands represent the greatest amount of hair and tend to decrease in thinning hair. Single follicles represent 30/40% of the hair. The follicular islands, on the other hand, represent the greatest capillary patrimony since they contribute on average to the total number of hairs for 60/70%. Labo Cosprophar Suisse was the first in the world to study – since 2002 – the importance of follicular islands in the hair heritage. Crescina Follicular Islands is the only preparation present on the world market functional to the follicular islands and, favoring the development of numerous new hair from them also in
thinned out, visibly contributes to saving hair assets.

Preventing and slowing down hair loss is possible thanks to the specific Crescina treatments (complemented by anti-hair loss shampoos and strengthening supplements) and of course to a healthy lifestyle, starting with a diet that should be rich in Omega 3 (present in mackerel, salmon and in all oily fish) and Vitamin B (whole grains, broccoli, tomatoes, pumpkin, cabbage and bananas), A, C and E.
The most important element that makes up our hair is a protein called keratin and made up of two different amino acids, lysine and cystine, which, not being produced by our body, must be integrated precisely through nutrition.

Many studies have also found a strong correlation between stress and hair loss, in case of intense stress it could trigger hair loss or aggravate a pre-existing fall. For this reason it is necessary to intervene to relieve our body from a condition of stress, both emotional and physical. Regular sleep, moderate physical activity and engaging in all the activities that relax us are excellent allies in fighting and preventing stress.