The needle less lifting treatment to do at home.


16 doses of treatment to counterat skin laxity of face and neck.

Why use it

This face lift is a demo-cosmetic treatment to be done at home in 16 doses. It helps to avoid skin laxity by counteracting the sagging of the lower part of the face and neck. In the same line are available Palpebral,Crural and Gluteal lifting.

Skin laxity is the structural failure of the skin tissue due to the continuous action of gravity. The predisposition to skin laxity is congenital, but for sure a wrong lifestyle, pregnancy or sudden weight loss can accentuate its severity. In addition, the natural aging process leads to a progressive impairment not only of the dermis but also of the underlying subcutaneous, bone and muscle tissues. Considering this decrease, aged skin, with reduced elastic return, tends to appear sagging and relaxed. Often the areas where it occurs are the face, under-chin area, neck, abdomen, thighs and inner arms

Visible results in 16 days. Buy here and learn how to use it.

How it works

The action of this facelift is based on the Lifteina Complex  consisting of 9 components with transdermal technology penetration 2 with mechanical effect and 7 with biological effect.
Components with mechanical effect have the action of skin tightening thanks to the cross-linking with the dermal fibers. The components with biological effect, amino acids that make up the collagen molecules, contribute to deep skin toning e stimulate the production of constituents of the extracellular matrix.

How to use it

Like the other Labo products, dosing the Lifting Gel is very simple thanks to the graduated syringe shaped dispenser, with which to take 0.75 ml of product. Divide half on the right side of the neck and the other half on the left side, the same thing must be repeated for the cheeks with another 0.75 ml sample to be divided on both sides.

The Serum is applied for 16 consecutive evenings on clean skin, with a bottom-up massage. After the serum, no cream should be applied until the next morning. It is not recommended to use exfoliating or microdermabrasive treatments at the same time of the Lifting treatment.

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  • After the dosage you can proceed with massage. The product must be spread evenly on the neck, under the chin and lower part of the face with open palms and movements from the center towards the nape. 
  • After a few minutes continue with vertical movements from the bottom upwards also in the submental area.
  • As for the first third of the face, the movements must be vertical / oblique from the jaw to the temples and from the chin to the lower lip.
  • Continue the treatment with the Solid Maintenance Cream.



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