Labo Suisse – A story of quality

Labo Suisse – A story of quality

Labo Cosprophar Suisse is a Swiss brand born in the late 1980s.Labo’s mission is to invest in quality products and for this reason it carries out continuous studies on products, improving them, to better meet the needs of consumers.
As per the proverbial Swiss precision, in fact, Labo boasts numerous patents which are proof of the research behind each product.

The most famous product of the Swiss house is undoubtedly Crescina, the treatment designed to help hair growth.

Over the years, various treatments in vials have been created, with different concentrations for different degrees of action, and which can be combined with shampoos and supplements to strengthen their action. The treatments are differentiated for men and women and are aimed at the prevention and treatment of hair thinning. Precisely because it is rigorously certified, Crescina does not propose itself as a magic anti-hair loss potion, but helps fight physiological hair loss, meeting the satisfaction of 90% of the customers interviewed.

In the field of dermocosmetics, Fillerina is undoubtedly the product that has brought innovation to the entire way of conceiving home cosmetics, giving professional results in products that can be easily used by the customer. The flagship product of the line is undoubtedly the filler treatment for face, lips and specific areas of the body, also proven by numerous patents, which are often renewed and implemented. The basic idea of ​​the filler treatments is to bring together in a single mixture, molecules of hyaluronic acids of various sizes and molecular weights.

Suitable for the furrows of wrinkles, to give volume to cheekbones and lips but there is also a version for the breast to help fill them. Fillerina is also suitable for the first wrinkles and the most sensitive skins, especially in the Fillerina Biorevitalizing version in which all the components necessary for the vitality of the skin cells have been inserted alongside the hyaluronic acids with a filler effect; in fact, with age, the physiological processes of young skin are reduced.

Precious as jewels, the Face and Body Treatments stand out with the patented Transdermal Technology.

Four segments with preparations for specific areas of the body: Body Care, Body Cleaning, Hand Ultra Care, Feet And Legs Ultra Care, to which are added the 5 specific Face lines: Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Hypersensitive Skin, Brightening and Intensive .

Labo has made investment in research its strong point, creating a vast catalog of products suitable for every need in terms of face, body and hair Beauty and Wellness.

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