New frontiers: Labo x-ingredients, customisable cosmetics.

New-frontiers-Labo x-ingredients-the-customisable-cosmetics

Each skin type manifests different needs depending on age, external factors and transient conditions such as stress or poor nutrition. Even our own skin can therefore have different needs depending on these external actions. Thus, customisable cosmetics are born.

Generally composed of a base cream, fluid and light or consistent and nourishing, to which is added the BOOSTER most suited to the skin’s needs at a given time. From the English to boost, ‘to increase, boost, amplify’, the booster is a product with a very fluid consistency, often in drops.

The booster serum, unlike normal serum cosmetics, is an amplifier and is used to give the skin an immediate boost of energy, to solve a specific, even momentary problem. A true shock treatment, to be used when needed to achieve faster results than you would with your daily beauty routine.


New frontiers: Labo x-ingredients, customisable cosmetics.

Labo has for many years been researching the physiology of the skin and the most effective and safely penetrating active ingredients. The patent on Transdermal Technology makes it possible to control the ability of individual dermo-cosmetic molecules to enter the skin layers (epidermis and dermis). Once absorbed, these actives are able to perform a very deep dermo-cosmetic activity, capable of providing certain solutions to skin problems. Transdermal Technology is based on the very low molecular weight of the active substances, which becomes the fundamental condition for their penetration into the skin layers to which their real effectiveness is linked.
The x-ingredients line was born on this basis. An innovative customisable dermo-cosmetic concept, it is based on the possibility of easily choosing the active ingredients (Strong Ingredients) with high efficacy and Transdermal Technology for one’s own problem or skin condition (Strong Problems), and combining them with the transdermal cream base at the time of use.

You will get a unique and personal treatment with fast and immediate efficacy.
Thanks to the combination of highly concentrated active ingredients (Strong Ingredients and Extra Help) with the chosen Base, infinite combinations of cosmetic treatments can be created to solve up to three
skin problems simultaneously.

Create your perfect formulation

All X-Ingredients are contained in 10 ml vials with droppers, to be shaken before use.
1. Identify the problem and choose the recommended vial of X-Ingredients from the first 10. Combine up to three choices, including any Extra Help.
2. Choose the Dispenser Base according to the area to be treated and the desired texture.
3. On the saucer provided dispense the Base and match the drops of the actives.
4. Mix with the small spatula until a fluid, well-blended mixture is formed. Apply to clean, dry face, once or twice a day.


Highly concentrated active ingredients with transdermal technology capable of extraordinarily effective dermo-cosmetic activities.
1 For wrinkles and microrelief
2 For deep wrinkles and furrows
3 Against skin slackening
4 Anti-ageing for mature skin
5 For dull skin
6 For skin blemishes
7 For couperose or irritated skin
8 For dehydrated and dry skin
9 For oily skin and enlarged pores
10 For puffiness and dark circles


Auxiliary actives designed to support the activities of the 10 concentrated actives.
7 HYALURONIC ACIDS, plumping effect
20 AMMINOACIDS, skin-structuring effect
VITAMIN A, renewing effect, stimulates skin regeneration
VITAMIN E AND RESVERATROL, antioxidant detoxifying effect
6 MINERALS, remineralising effect


There are three bases for the face and one for the eye-lip area. With specific textures to optimise transdermal penetration of the active molecules.
BASE R for dry and arid skin
BASE L for normal to combination skin
BASE O for combination or oily skin
BASE E for eye and lip contour area


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