Sun & Style Your Daily Protection

During the summer, sunscreen is essential not only to prevent redness and sunburn, but also to counteract and delay skin aging caused by photoaging. New sunscreen formulations are designed tosuit all needs, from city life to beach or mountain vacations, and even for sports, with sweat-resistant multi-tasking formulations.

Sun Protection in the City

Many people overlook the importance of sunscreen in the city, but it is also essential for everyday life. Fifty percent of wrinkles on the face are caused by sun exposure, known as “actinic damage.” This damage can be prevented by applying sunscreen even when walking through downtown streets. In the city, fine particles in the air are deposited on the skin, penetrating the pores and reflecting the sun’s rays, amplifying their damaging effects.
To effectively protect skin in the city, it is advisable to use SPF50 protection (in winter SPF20 or SPF30). The latest generation formulations not only protect against UVA and UVB rays, but also keep the skin moisturized with a lightweight and easily absorbed texture, offering complete protection against environmental damage.

Latest Generation Sunscreens

New sunscreen formulations have made tremendous progress. They do not weigh down the skin, leave no white halos, and are enriched with cosmetic ingredients that make them similar to skincare products. They contain vitamins to brighten the face, hyaluronic acid and algae to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. These formulations are anti-aging, repairing and soothing, strengthen natural mechanisms against free radicals, and are lightweight, so they are also suitable for acne-prone skin. In addition, many are fragrance-free, ideal for sensitive and delicate skin.


When playing sports, it is essential to use a sunscreen with a lightweight formulation that is easily absorbed and breathable, as well as water and sweat resistant.
For added convenience, many sunscreens for sportsmen come in spray form. It is important to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before exposure and cover all exposed areas, including hands, feet and ears.
In the mountains, sun exposure is aggravated by altitude and snow, which reflects sunlight, increasing the radiation received. Wind, cold temperatures, and clouds may suggest that the sun is not harmful, but the opposite is true. Sunscreen with a very high SPF is essential. Water sports, such as windsurfing, surfing, swimming, water skiing and kayaking, require water-resistant sunscreen. Sand and water reflect the sun’s rays, making your skin more vulnerable, especially between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. During outdoor sports, it is easier to forget to reapply protection every 2 hours, and sweating can reduce the effectiveness of the sunscreen.


The best sunscreens make your skin beautiful and protected. Using a good sunscreen is essential to keeping your skin healthy and youthful. That’s why it is important to choose a sunscreen that is suitable for your skin type and activities. Whether you are in the city, in the mountains or at the beach, be sure to apply sunscreen regularly and properly to prevent UV damage.

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