Technology in the service of Beauty. Discover the world of Fillerina.

In the vast panorama of products and treatments to combat skin ageing, Labo, with its Fillerina brand, is undoubtedly a constantly evolving benchmark. For decades, the Swiss brand has invested considerable resources in research and patenting, but especially in the area of product efficacy tests. The scientific community’s interest in these tests is manifested in the publication of studies in scientific journals of great depth and prestige that are recognised worldwide. Fillerina, launched in 2012, is an exclusive cosmetic filler treatment to be done at home, which allows multiple results to be obtained, visible from the first applications and lasting over time. In a product for home use, which is non-invasive and does not require injections, we can find the effects of the most technological aesthetic medicine treatments: Filler Effect on wrinkles and skin depressions, Volume Effect on cheekbones and lips.

Filler Effect

From the 6 Hyaluronic Acids of the first formulation (2012), today Fillerina has as many as 12 molecules with differentiated molecular weight that penetrate deeply, for a filling effect on wrinkles and depressions, and a volumising effect on the oval of the face, cheekbones and lips. Thanks to the filling properties of 12 Hyaluronic Acids and the precision applicator, you will regain a more youthful and toned face.


Patented and applied today to all Labo Treatments, Transdermal Technology (Swiss Patent CH 711 466) was developed to facilitate, control and guarantee the deep penetration into the skin layers of Fillerina’s Hyaluronic Acids and the other molecules in the formulas, thus favouring the Filler Effect.


Labo has been investing in research and innovation for years, constantly improving its formulations. The new Fillerina 12 Double Filler MITO contains a powerful combination of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides. These ingredients work together to reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and promote smoother, younger-looking skin. Discover here all products.


Fillerina’s innovative and patented replenishing properties have been developed in different lines for specific body parts and needs. In addition to the Intensive Treatment for the face, Labo has developed Fillerina Specific Zones (four devices with special applicators for the Lips and Mouth, Eyes and Eyelids, Cheekbones, Neck and Décolleté respectively) and Fillerina Breast (offered in Fillerina Breast Volume and Fillerina Breast Support).


Two treatments in one with the Biorevititalising version of the iconic Fillerina treatment to complement the basic treatment. On the one hand, the Filler Effect that volumises cheekbones and lips, reduces sagging of the face, fills in wrinkles; on the other, the Biorevitalizing Effect to stimulate cellular reactivation of the skin and help it regain radiance, compactness, smoothness, splendour.


Fillerina is designed for high-precision application to critical points on the face. Thanks to the special, patented, graduated, truncated tip applicator, the gel preparation can be placed directly on wrinkles, cheekbones and lips. DOES NOT REQUIRE INJECTIONS.


Consider the condition of your face and neck to which correspond different concentrations of active ingredients. Choose the grade according to your needs.
  • GRADE 3: initial wrinkles and expression lines, first signs of sagging skin, dull complexion and wasted skin (biorevitalizing), cheekbone and lip volume.
  • GRADE 4: deep wrinkles and expression lines, visible signs of sagging and emptying of tissue, dull complexion and damaged skin (biorevitalizing), volume of cheekbones and lips.
  • GRADE 5: very deep wrinkles and furrows of expression, marked signs of sagging and emptying of tissues, dull complexion and damaged or withered skin (biorevitalizing), volume of cheekbones and lips.

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