Somatoline Lift Effect Firming Arms 100ml


Its formula contains a plant complex based on Quillaja Saponaria and Kigelia africana, cryoactive molecules and other specific cosmetic actives with a complete lifting action:

  • They firm and tone the skin, helping to prevent sagging.
  • Gives an immediately perceptible tightening effect that makes the skin immediately smoother and tighter
  • Reactivate the microcirculation, helping to firm and tone the skin tissues.
  • Leaves the skin moisturised, soft and velvety.

How to use:
Apply 1 or 2 times a day on the entire surface of the arms, in particular on the inner part, predisposed to skin relaxation, massaging with circular movements until completely absorbed.

Somatoline Lift Effect Firming Arms 100ml