Labo X-Igredients Strong Igredient 3 Counteracts Skin Relaxation 10ml

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  • Counteracts skin relaxation
  • Firming lifting effect against flaccid or sagging skin
  • It helps to find a more defined oval of the face
  • Suitable for the face and for the eye and lip contour
  • Sagging skin is manifested by dropped features, an undefined oval of the face, flaccid or sagging skin.
  • The cause of skin relaxation lies in the reduction in number and decrease in the tightness of the dermal fibers which become disorganized, losing elasticity and turgidity.
  • For a Lifting Effect choose X-Ingredients Strong Ingredient 3.
  • With Densifying Peptide and 2 Elastins to counteract relaxation with a lifting effect; with redensifying component for a firming effect on the dermal fibres.

PERSONALISATION AND EFFECTIVENESS: Choose the base cream and add up to 3 CONCENTRATED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS (from the 10 STRONG INGREDIENTS and 5 EXTRA HELP). X-Ingredients is an innovative and customisable dermocosmetic concept based on the possibility of choosing active ingredients according to your skin condition and combining them with the transdermal cream base at the time of use.

Perfume-free. Paraben-free. Dye-free. Without silicones. Mineral oil free. Nickel-tested.

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Labo X-Igredients Strong Igredient 3 Counteracts skin relaxation 10ml
Labo X-Igredients Strong Igredient 3 Counteracts Skin Relaxation 10ml

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