LABO MAGNETIC EYES INTENSE LOOK Tendi-Eyelids Gel Formula 15ml

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  • Gel with marked immediate smoothing action. It has a medium-long term tightening effect thanks to the active ingredients with Transdermal Technology included in the formula. Increases skin density and counteracts loss of tissue tone.
  • TRANSDEMIC TECHNOLOGY. The skin is difficult to permeate: to ensure that the functional molecules of the preparation penetrate the different levels, Labo researchers have developed the Transdermal Technology which is based on the low molecular weight of the active substances: this becomes the fundamental condition for their effectiveness. The percentages reported refer to the transdermal penetration of the functional active molecules after 24 hours obtained with the Labo Transdermal Technology and tested using Franz Cells.
  • MAGENTIC EYES INTENSE LOOK Effective remedies in treating and solving the most common small imperfections in the upper area of the face and eyes, offering treatments that make the eyes magnificent and the gaze intense.
  • Fragrance free. Paraben free. Without dyes. Without silicones. Tested for nickel. Ophthalmologically tested.
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LABO MAGNETIC EYES INTENSE LOOK Tendi-Eyelids Gel Formula 15ml