Crescina Transdermic MITO Double Re-Growth and Anti-Fall Treatment 1300 Men


  • TRANSDERMIC CRESCINE MITO 1300 for extensive thinning and ABBONDANT hair loss. DOUBLE ANTI-FALL + REGROWTH Treatment. Cosmetic in 3.5 ml single-dose vials. AVAILABLE FORMATS: 20 (10+10) vials for 1 MONTH of treatment, 40 vials (20+20) for 2 MONTHS of treatment.
  • SPECIFIC MEN’S  formulations and diversified dosages based on GRADE OF THINNING. Crescina dedicates distinct formulations to women’s and men’s worlds and diversified concentrations of active ingredients suitable for treating different degrees of scalp thinning. 200 to 500 indicated for INITIAL fall and medium thinning. 1300 for ABUNDANT/GRAVE fall and extensive thinning.
  • INDICATIONS: Aids natural hair regrowth in thinning areas. Rapid intensive treatment to promote hair regrowth and counteract physiological hair loss. Components similar to molecules naturally present in the hair system, promote REGENERATION and REGROWTH of the hair. In the double treatment, anti-fall vials are added, with specific molecules to REINFORCE hair at the root.
  • ACTION: Crescina Transdermic Ri-Growth MITO contains the Ri-Growth complex (Cysteine, Lysine, Glycoprotein), HFSC complex and 5 enhancers to which the new MITO patent is associated to stimulate the hair system by promoting the activity of the preparation and promoting hair growth. Hair Booster 177 is present in the formula to assist hair bulb activity and promote new hair growth and provide vital energy to the bulb cells.
  • TRANSDERMAL TECHNOLOGY: Patented in 2015 and applied today to all TreatmentsCrescine, Transdermal Technology was developed to facilitate, control and ensure deep penetration into the skin layers of dermo-cosmetic actives, thus promoting natural hair re-growth.
  • For decades, CRESCINA has represented the certainty of a realistic, effective and COLLATERAL EFFECTS-FREE solution that acts directly inside the hair follicle, where the cells responsible for initiating new hair life cycles are stored. Crescina MITO is the advanced solution that promotes physiological Re-Growth of hair when its quantity decreases and thinning areas form on the scalp. It does not act on completely atrophied follicles.
Crescina Transdermic MITO Double Re-Growth and Anti-Fall Treatment 1300 Men
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