Vea Cream PF 50 ml


VEA CREAM PF Antioxidant Vitamin E and Polyphenols

Indicated for dry or reddened skin, especially of the face, eye contour, eyelids, perioral area and neck. It helps to mitigate skin aging phenomena and aesthetic damage from senescence due to solar overexposure, free radicals and environmental pollutants. Daily protection from skin stress.

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VEA CREAM PF used constantly helps to maintain or improve the tone, brightness and vitality of the skin. It can help prevent and reduce stretch marks. VEA CREMA PF is ideal on the face (morning and evening) including the eye contour; as a “night cream”: it is ideal for its moisturizing action that lasts until the morning with a soft and supple skin upon awakening; in the morning it is ideal as a protective base cream under make-up.


apply at least twice a day, or more often if necessary, and massage for a few seconds until completely absorbed. For an intensive localized action on wrinkles: apply VEA CREMA PF as a mask over wrinkles and leave for 15-30 minutes; after this time, massage the little non-absorbed cream all over the face.


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