Somatoline Volume Effect Day Cream Mat 50 ml


Restructuring Mat Anti-Age Cream:
A restructuring anti-age treatment dedicated to mature skin that.

  • Awakens cellular repair;
  •  Fills volumes;
  •  Redefines the oval;
  •  Provides an all-day MAT effect.
  • Ideal for normal to combination skin, shiny in the T-zone.
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Restructuring anti-age MAT effect for mature skin.

Repairs, fills and redefines. Volume Effect Day Cream Mat Cellular Biorepair System:
The anti-ageing facial line that, thanks to its active ingredients, reawakens cellular activity favouring the production of collagen and allowing the regeneration of the dermis and the recompacting of the skin, to redefine the volumes and the oval of the face.


Innovative light cream texture, bouncy effect, soft to the touch.
Velvety touch for comfort and a matifying action on the skin.


  • +30% firmer skin after 4 weeks.
  • 90% Mattifying effect All-day matte effect.

Cosmeto-Clinical efficacy test: data obtained from instrumental measurements and clinical evaluations under dermatological supervision.
Cosmeto-Clinical efficacy test: subjective assessment under dermatological supervision.


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