Slimming Rebellious Areas Sculpt Serum 100ml


Clinically proven effectiveness:

  • Reduces the circumference of treated areas
  • Helps to maintain the results obtained for longer by counteracting the yo-yo effect

How to use:
Apply the product daily to the most stubborn localised fat deposits for at least 4 weeks.
The concentrated serum with an intensive action that acts on the most stubborn fat deposits.

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Slimming Rebellious Areas Sculpt Serum:
Cosmetic liposculpting treatment in concentrated serum, designed to act in 3D on the most stubborn stubborn adiposity, such as that located on culotte de cheval, love handles, knees and arms. It contains a high concentration of lipolytic active ingredients that favour the reduction of the most stubborn localised fat deposits and prevent their reappearance. Concentrated serum texture.

Clinical tests:
Efficacy scientifically demonstrated by a 4-week Clinical and Instrumental Efficacy Test (Ref. N° 068/20) on localised fat deposits on the thighs, hips, knees and arms conducted on 30 volunteers.
Significant results after 2 weeks of treatment


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