Somatoline Slimming Over 50 100ml



The active ingredients contained in the formula act in synergy with the massage carried out by the roller applicator for a more effective action on a thicker and more mature adipose layer. Nourishing cream texture.

  • Reduces the localised fat deposits characteristic of mature ageing, which are mainly located around the waist and hips;
  •  Fights the signs of skin ageing by making the skin more toned and supple;


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Slimming Over 50 with Massage Applicator:
After the age of 50, fat deposits become more difficult to mobilise and more resistant to the active ingredients contained in traditional slimming products. A specific treatment is therefore necessary. Snellente Over 50 is specifically designed to combat the localised fat deposits typical of the mature age while also performing a firming anti-ageing action.

Clinical tests:
The effectiveness of this product has been tested in a clinical trial against placebo conducted on 64 subjects with localised fat deposits in the hips, thighs, knees and/or arms. Significant results after 4 weeks’ treatment.


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