Somatoline Slimming 7 Nights Cream 250ml


Clinical tests:
The efficacy of this product has been demonstrated in an instrumental clinical test versus placebo conducted on 112 women with mild to moderate superficial fat deposits located on the hips, thighs and waist. Significant results already after 7 nights’ treatment and maximum after 4 weeks.

How to use:
Apply every evening to the areas to be treated (e.g.: thighs, buttocks, hips, stomach) for at least 7 nights before going to bed and continue treatment for further enhanced results.

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Slimming 7 Nights Ultra Intensive Cream: Ultra-intensive slimming treatment with proven results in just 7 nights. Its formula contains 95% ingredients of natural origin and is designed to reduce localised fat deposits, drain skin liquids and smooth the skin. Rich cream texture with a warm effect on the skin. Dermatologically tested even on sensitive skin.


  • Acts on localised fat and excess fluids with initial slimming results proven in 7 nights;
  •  By prolonging the treatment, the slimming effectiveness increases to double in 1 month.


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