Exfoliating and Firming Body Routine 350ml


Sea Salt Scrub is an exfoliating treatment whose formula contains active ingredients of natural origin that:

  • Exfoliate and smooth the epidermis
  • Stimulate skin microcirculation
  • Ensure a high level of moisture supply to the skin tissues

Lift Effect Body Firming is the 1st treatment with a lifting action. Its formula, with 95% ingredients of natural origin, contains specific cosmetic actives that:

  • Firm the skin tissues
  • Give firmness and tone to the skin
  • Perform an anti-oxidant activity

Clinical tests:
The effectiveness of this product has been demonstrated by means of an instrumental clinical test on 2 groups of volunteers: 21 women in the 38-52 age group and 20 new mothers (within 12 months of giving birth).

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Exfoliating and Firming Body Routine:
This combination of products is designed specifically for a post-summer routine, when skin is often dry and dehydrated due to the sun, heat and sea. After the summer, it is therefore essential to exfoliate the skin to regenerate it (remember that the scrub does not eliminate the tan!) and then use nourishing creams to help combat the dehydration typical of this time of year.

The Sea Salt scrub is therefore the perfect ally for this moment, because as well as exfoliating, it nourishes the skin thanks to the presence of the oils contained in the formula (remember: they are the last product to be used in the shower, after cleansing, and should be rinsed only with water, without soap!).

The firming cream is perfect for deeply nourishing the skin, firming the tissues and making the skin firmer. The Firming Body Cream in this box has a new formulation, with an extremely pleasant moisturising soft cream texture and a sweet, delicate fragrance. It is a body cream suitable for all ages, as it deeply nourishes without leaving a sticky feeling.

How to use:
Step 1: Exfoliate. Apply Sea Salt Scrub once or twice a week, in the shower. Mix the product with the paddle before use. Massage onto wet skin in circular motions and rinse with soap-free water.

Step 2: Firming. Apply once or twice a day, massaging in circular movements until completely absorbed. For intensive action, repeat the application on the areas with the most skin laxity.


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