Somatoline Remodelling Toning Total Body Gel 250ml



  • Reshapes the silhouette
  • Helps reduce the circumference of the areas treated
  • Tones and firms the skin tissues
  • Makes the skin more compact.
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Remodelling Toning Total Body Gel:

A fresh gel treatment designed to reshape the silhouette, tone the skin tissues, activate the microcirculation and make the skin more compact. Its fast-absorbing texture makes it ideal for application after sporting activity.

Clinical tests:
The effectiveness of this product has been demonstrated in a clinical instrumental test conducted on 60 women with mild to moderate localized adiposity. Significant results after 4 weeks of treatment.

How to use:
Apply every day for at least 4 weeks on the areas you wish to reshape (e.g.: belly, hips, legs, arms). Also ideal after physical exercise. Continuous use is recommended throughout the year or alternating with other Somatoline Cosmetic body treatments.



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