Somatoline Intensive Leg Drainage 200ml



  • Drains excess skin fluids
  • Reshapes the silhouette of the legs
  • Instantly lowers skin temperature by 1.9° C (average value) for 10 minutes after application.
  • Clinically proven effectiveness.
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Intensive Leg Drainage:
The multi-action cryo-active gel that intensely drains, combats water retention and reshapes the silhouette of the legs in a single gesture. It contains a special smoothing polymer that gives an immediate “perfect legs” effect. The ice-effect cryoactive gel texture immediately lowers skin temperature for an immediate sensation of lightness.

Clinical tests:
The efficacy of this product has been demonstrated in an instrumental clinical test versus placebo conducted on 50 women with mild to moderate adiposity located on the legs, accompanied by water retention. Significant results after 2 weeks’ treatment.

How to use:
Apply daily for at least 2 weeks. Regular use helps to enhance the remodelling and draining action and keep the legs light.



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