Somatoline Stretch Mark Elasticizer 200ml



  • Protective action on elastin, making it more “resistant” to the proteolytic attack of elastase, the enzyme that degrades elastic fibres, compromising the elasticity of the skin and encouraging the appearance of stretch marks;
  • Restorative action, stimulating the physiological process of synthesis of elastin fibres, thus helping to repair skin damage, reducing recently formed stretch marks and improving skin elasticity and firmness;
  • Moisturising and nourishing action, keeping the skin soft and velvety;
  • Antioxidant and protective action on skin tissue.
  • Prevents stretch marks and reduces newly formed ones in 8 weeks. Increases skin elasticity, promoting skin regeneration, keeping it supple, moisturised and velvety.


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Stretch Mark Elasticizer: Cosmetic cream formulated to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and reduce recent ones. Its cream texture also deeply nourishes the skin, repairing and protecting it. Clinically tested on pregnant women.

How to use:
Apply daily for at least 8 weeks on the areas most at risk such as belly, hips, breasts, buttocks and thighs. During breast-feeding, apply the product to the breasts, avoiding the nipple area, away from the feed.

Clinically proven efficacy:
The efficacy of this product has been demonstrated in an instrumental clinical trial versus placebo conducted on 50 women with mild to moderate adiposity located on the legs, accompanied by water retention. Significant results after 2 weeks’ treatment.



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