Somatoline Prevent Effect Day Cream 50 ml


First Wrinkles Protective Cream:
A daytime early wrinkle treatment with a protective action which, thanks to its continuous activity throughout the day and its specific active ingredients:

  • Effectively prevents skin ageing.
  • Helps strengthen the skin, protecting it from external aggression.
  • Long-lasting hydration.
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Prevent Effect Day Cream:
Prevent Effect line: Early wrinkle treatment
Skin Microbiome System
The face line that prevents the first wrinkles, protecting the skin from external factors and skin ageing. Thanks to its active ingredients, it helps maintain a healthy skin microbiome, strengthening it. For a rebalanced and stronger skin.


Suitable for all skin types. Non-comedogenic

Soft and light cream texture, gives an immediate sensation of freshness leaving the skin silky soft and velvety.
Clinical-instrumental test conducted on 44 women has shown:
Long-lasting hydration +39%


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