Somatoline Skincure Illuminating Booster 30ml


Illuminating Booster: 
A concentrated treatment containing 3% stabilised Vitamin C, a percentage calibrated to act effectively on the skin structure and perform a triple action:
Antioxidant and photoprotective: against free radicals, immediate and prolonged over time;
Uniforming: reduces skin dyschromia, pro-lightening effect;
Energizing: revives cell vitality and improves the skin’s complexion.

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Skincure Illuminating Booster:
Concentrated treatment with Vitamin C. Targeted antioxidant, photoprotective action.
Skincure Mix&Match shock treatments
The face line of shock treatments based on carefully selected, highly concentrated active ingredients to give a boost of wellbeing and youthfulness to the skin when it needs it most.
Ideal to combine with your own treatment to personalise your beauty routine, replenishing the active ingredients your skin needs.


Fluid and concentrated watery solution, to be dispensed in drops, with an evanescent, fresh, comfortable texture.
It is absorbed immediately after application, leaving the skin with a sensation of smoothness and new radiance.
Skincure Illuminating Booster VITAMIN C 3% has been tested in vitro on reconstituted pigmented human epidermis.
This study has demonstrated
A photo-protective effect on the tissue following irradiation with UV radiation;
A pro-lightening effect due to its inhibiting action on melanin production.
In vitro test on finished product: evaluations carried out 72 hours after application of the product on reconstituted skin.


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