Somatoline Booster Patch Face Mask


Patch Mask is an anti-age hydrogel face mask, super-smoothing and plumping, giving the skin compactness, radiance and intense hydration. Its innovative hydrogel technology

  • has a cold effect on the skin.
  • gradually releases the anti-ageing active ingredients.
  • maximises the cosmetic effects.
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Booster Patch Face Mask:
Face mask with innovative cryoactive hydrogel technology, super plumping and smoothing.

Conjugated Hyaluronic Acid: penetrates deeply for immediate moisturising and plumping action
Concentrated Vitamin C: protects against sun damage and helps combat skin ageing.
Disposable, dry on the skin, no need to massage

To maintain results for longer, apply your usual cream after removing the mask. Use once or twice a week. Contains: one mask.

Immediate plumping and smoothing effect. Clinical instrumental test under dermatological supervision on 32 women with rough skin.


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