Somatoline Cosmetic Slimming Cream Belly Hips Express 250ml


Slimming Belly and Hips Express is a cryo-active cream with a light texture that massages and absorbs quickly.
Its formula contains Natural Menthol, Forskolin, Micronized Sea Algae and other specific cosmetic active ingredients.

A new enhanced formula that works on the stomach and hips and is applied in 1 minute.
A concentrate of cosmetic active ingredients that promote the elimination of excess fluids, acting on the skin with a hot-cold effect.

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Promotes the reduction of localized adipose accumulations on the stomach and hips;
Reactivates the skin microcirculation, promoting the slimming action;
It improves the elasticity of the skin tissues, counteracting their relaxation and giving compactness.

Light cream texture, applies in one minute
Cryoactive effect
Dermatologically tested
Clinically proven efficacy

Without parabens.

Reduces the circumference of the waist and hips already in 2 weeks.

For a better slimming result, continue the treatment for 4 weeks.

It is advisable to carry out several treatment cycles during the year, also alternating or in combination with other Somatoline Cosmetic body treatments.


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