Table Chessboard in Natural White and Red Marble 20x20cm


Natural marble chess pieces are among the most decorative and iconic chess pieces ever. The variants can be the most diverse, depending on the types of marble used. The handcrafted chessboard is certainly a unique piece. All the pieces, in addition to the chessboard, are in natural marble. This means that each piece has a different color from the other.

The chessboard is not foldable, but of course it is not designed to be closed and placed in a drawer. On the contrary, this type of chess lends itself to being a valuable gift, but also an object to be used.

Any differences from the image are to be considered a guarantee of the value and uniqueness of the object and materials. Available in other colors and sizes.


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The game of chess has a very ancient history so much that its origins are lost in time and no one can say where and when they were invented. In this regard there are various theories but the most accredited hypothesis places the place of origin in India. The game of Checkers is even dated to 5000 BC. in Egypt, where the oldest game suit was found.

Marble is formed through a metamorphic process from sedimentary rocks. Its multiple colors and textures derive from the presence of different minerals which, when mixed together, create unique and unrepeatable shades and veins. For millennia, marble has held a place of honor in the architecture and decoration of every era and style. Its durability makes it adaptable both to monumental works and to detailed and precious furnishing objects.




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