Peperita Chilli Powder n.14 Seven Pod 12gr


The Seven Pod chili comes from the Chaguanas area of Trinidad. The ripe fruit is tinged with various colors. Intense and fruity aroma of cocoa butter, blond pipe tobacco and Tuscan cigar. Immediate spiciness and very persistent, but manageable. Perfect to accompany game cooked without tomato, on blue cheeses and dark chocolate!

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Type: Seven Pod chilli powder – Capsicum Annuum biological / biodynamic cold dried 35 ° / 38 ° C.

Ingredients: Seven Pod chilli.

Spiciness: 10/10

Storage: once opened, keep away from sources of light and heat, do not store in the fridge.

Seven Pod Chili Info:

  • 855,000 ° -1,000,000 ° SHU Scoville
  • Spiciness: 10/10
  • Red / colorful
  • Shape: irregular
  • Drying: cold 35 ° / 38 °
  • Taste: fruity


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