Phyto Volume Spray Brushing Volumizing Thin Hair Without Volume 150 ml


PHYTOVOLUME, the line of treatments that brings body and energy to thin hair without volume.

A product loved by hairdressers, this light spray launched in 1986 has become a cult! Instantly gives volume from the roots, providing elasticity and support to the hair. Thermo-protector, protects the fiber from the heat of the dryer.

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Visibly more voluminous, the hair takes shape naturally with fluid and light movements. The roots are instantly lifted. It does not stiffen the hair.

Spray on the roots and medium lengths, then comb to distribute the product. In the first drying phase, work the product with your fingers to lift the roots. Proceed with the hairstyle using a round brush. Concentrated formula: just a few vaporizations are enough!

Pisum sativum (Pea) protein
Super fruit rich in amino acids, hydrates the fiber from the inside. Provides indispensable support for thin hair without volume. Sheath the hair until the next shampoo.

Cappuccina Grass Extract
Toning action on the scalp.
Helps lift the roots.

Grape extract
Active of vegetable origin thermo-protective.
Protects hair from oxidative stress caused by heat.



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