Peperita Salt with Chilli Carolina Reaper 95gr


Salù is a mixture of salt and chilli, ideal to use as a healthy and natural alternative to sauces. The right amount of salt, in fact, can have various positive effects on health: demineralizing effect, improves attention, enhances the action of saliva, corrects the taste of dishes and makes them more digestible.

Try the Salù on all dishes, to make them tasty and pleasant. Ideal on meat, vegetables or soups, it is easy to dose and contains very few calories!

This variant contains whole sea salt, combined with chopped Carolina Reaper chillies from organic farming.

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Type: Carolina Reaper chili pepper seasoning.

The “CAROLINA REAPER” is a kind of hot pepper with one of the highest degrees of spiciness in the world.

Ingredients: salt, chilli from organic farming.

Spiciness: 10/10

Carolina Reaper chili info:

  • 1,569,300 ° / 2,200.00 ° SHU Scoville (proclaimed in 2013 as the hottest pepper in the world)
  • Spiciness: 10/10
  • Color: intense red
  • Shape: rounded with a protracted end with a tail that resembles a scorpion
  • Maturation: 90 days
  • Taste: extremely spicy, fruity with notes of chocolate and cinnamon.
  • Rich in vitamin A, if used in moderation, it is a real panacea for the health of eyes, skin and hair
  • It has stimulating, disinfectant, digestive and antiseptic effects



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