Peperita Chilli Powder n.5 Jalapeno 12 gr


The fresh fruit of Jalapeño has floral and fruity hints of green apple and vegetable, typical of pepper. In particular, the unmistakable and characteristic intense green scent of Jalapeño is given by a multitude of volatile compounds. The “Jalapeno” chilli is among the most versatile in the kitchen, thanks to its sweet flavor and light and round spiciness. Fruit, with an oval shape, is 5 / 9cm long. Fleshy and fragrant chilli, if green it has an intense and spicy, strong and decisive aroma, when it is red it becomes fruity, sweet and rounded.

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Type: Chilli powder obtained exclusively from the Jalapeño variety of the Capsicum annuum species grown in an organic / biodynamic regime and cold dried.

Ingredients: Jalapeño pepper.

Spiciness: 4/10

Storage: Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened, do not store in the fridge.

Jalapeño pepper info:

  • Scoville: about 2500/8000 SHU
  • Spiciness: 4/10
  • Color: green to red
  • Shape: oval and 5 / 9cm long
  • Aroma: of fresh grass and leaves, artichoke and grilled green pepper. Very green and herbaceous taste reminiscent of tomato leaves. Fleshy and fragrant chilli. If green, it has an intense and spicy aroma that is stronger and more decisive. When it is red it becomes fruity, sweet and rounded. Very good with Tuscan vegetable soups, croutons with baby octopus and capers, cod and chickpea soup or sautéed pigeon.


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