Peperita Chilli Powder n.17 Carolina Reaper 12 gr


The Carolina Reaper chilli is an intense red, round in shape at its lower end it extends a tail that resembles that of a scorpion, it takes 90 days to reach full ripeness. On the palate it is extremely spicy with a fruity taste with notes of chocolate and cinnamon. In the mouth it gradually releases a long-lasting sensation of heat that descends to affect the nose and throat. In the kitchen, if used in moderation and combined wisely, it is a real panacea for health as it is rich in vitamin A which helps keep eyes, hair and skin in perfect health.

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Type: Carolina Reaper chili pepper seasoning.

The “CAROLINA REAPER” is a kind of hot pepper with one of the highest degrees of spiciness in the world.

Ingredients: salt, chilli from organic farming.

Spiciness: 10/10

Carolina Reaper chili info:

  • 1,569,300 ° / 2,200.00 ° SHU Scoville (proclaimed in 2013 as the hottest pepper in the world)
  • Spiciness: 10/10
  • Color: intense red
  • Shape: rounded with a protracted end with a tail that resembles a scorpion
  • Maturation: 90 days
  • Taste: extremely spicy, fruity with notes of chocolate and cinnamon.
  • Rich in vitamin A, if used in moderation, it is a real panacea for the health of eyes, skin and hair
  • It has stimulating, disinfectant, digestive and antiseptic effects


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