LABO TRANSDERMIC Base Fluid Face SPF 50+ Sun Emulsion Rich UVA UVB Protection 30ml

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A light but rich emulsion, which contains broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreens, to ensure proper sun protection and a guaranteed anti-aging effect. Protects the skin without greasing. Ideal as a sunscreen or in combination with the usual day cream.

SPF 50+

Pack of 30ml.

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Specifically formulated to be used in the most different ways: for example, three drops mixed in the palm of the hand with the usual Labo Transdermic cream makes it a perfect high protection day cream. Used alone it is a complete sunscreen, which may be followed by the application of the usual Labo Transdermic treatment cream. Finally, it can be used in combination with any other cream that does not contain sunscreens.


The skin is difficult to permeate. To penetrate its different levels, Labo researchers have developed a “transdermal” technology: it is based on the very low molecular weight of the active substances which becomes the fundamental condition for their penetration limited to the skin layers and their real effectiveness.

Dermo-cosmetic treatments with Transdermal Technology:

1 Anti-Age, 2 Anti-Wrinkle, 3 Hypersensitive, 4 Clarifying, 5 Intensive, e Total Eye Care, C Cleansing, 50+ Sunscreen Fluid Base, Ultra Serum 5 Azioni

With specific functional active ingredients and 8 Hyaluronic Acids. Transdermic Technology – Innovazione mondiale

Facial cleansing, cleansing and makeup needs are effectively answered in 4 specific preparations for daily use and 2 preparations for periodic deep cleansing.


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