Labo Transdermic 3 Hypersensitive Soothing Face Cream Irritated Skin Couperose 30ml

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Calming Transdermal Treatment for Reddened, Irritated, Sensitized Skin.

Its combination of highly technological active ingredients makes it an ally of the most difficult and easily prone to irritation skins.

Gives an immediate calming effect, has a softening and protective action and improves the skin’s barrier effect, strengthening it.

30ml bottle

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How to use: Apply the Calming Cream as needed on red or irritated areas. Gives immediate comfort.

softening and protective action

improves the barrier effect of the skin by strengthening it

soothing and calming



The skin is difficult to permeate. To penetrate its different levels, Labo researchers have developed a “transdermal” technology: it is based on the very low molecular weight of the active substances which becomes the fundamental condition for their penetration limited to the skin layers and their real effectiveness.

Dermo-cosmetic treatments with Transdermal Technology:

1 Anti-Age, 2 Anti-Wrinkle, 3 Hypersensitive, 4 Clarifying, 5 Intensive, e Total Eye Care, C Cleansing, 50+ Sunscreen Fluid Base, Ultra Serum 5 Azioni

Con attivi funzionali specifici e 8 Acidi Ialuronici. Transdermic Technology – Innovazione mondiale

Facial cleansing, cleansing and make-up removal needs are effectively answered in 4 specific preparations for daily use and 2 preparations for periodic deep cleansing.


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