Labo Rinfoltina After-Shampoo Volumizing Conditioning Fluid 200ml

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  • Rinfoltina is an intensive concentrated treatment formulated to make hair stronger, fuller, thicker and shinier. Recommended for fine and damaged hair, without volume and light. Helps to regain thick, shiny and healthy hair from the root.
  • Rinfoltina vial treatments are also completed by a specific  Conditioner.
  • Rinfoltina Shampoo, is a specific cleanser for lifeless and shiny hair ; for fine, fragile, flat, dull hair
  • The peculiarity of the Labo innovation is that its action is developed in a targeted way on the areas of the root that give life to the hair. From the very first applications, the hair regains its splendor, brightness and strength. Helps to regain thick, shiny and healthy hair from the root. 


Labo Rinfoltina Shampoo After-Shampoo Conditioning Fluid 200ml is an after-shampoo fluid specifically for lifeless, shiny hair; for fine, brittle, flat, dull hair. The exclusive formula contains the active principles of Rinfoltina for a beneficial revitalising and restructuring effect on the hair stalks.

The presence of 5 Enhancers enhances the functionality of the specific active ingredients. The formula, characterised by a special light but nourishing base, has a volumising and strengthening effect. It leaves the hair silky and easy to comb, without weighing it down. In particular, the Shea Butter and the presence of 3 Hyaluronic Acids – specific for the hair – with a filler effect on the cuticle give the hair great softness and shine. Rinfoltina Conditioner is the ideal complement to Rinfoltina shampoo and topical treatments in vials.


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