Labo OXY-TREAT Cellulite Treatment Intensive Anti-cellulite Draining Gel + Cream – Grade 1-2-3



Combined Oxygen and Specific Molecule Formulation. For cellulite blemishes.

Oxygen rekindles the metabolic processes that favor the reduction of water retention and oxidative stress, improving tissue oxygenation and gives new impetus to cellular activities to process the specific active ingredients for cellulite to a greater extent. Superior benefits in counteracting cellulite blemishes for a smoother and more uniform skin surface and a reduction in the orange peel appearance.

The Cream Treatment contains Perfluorinated Molecules enriched with oxygen, while the active components for cellulite blemishes are inserted at the same concentration as the Gel.

Available in 3 different concentrations (GRADE 1-2-3)
GRADE 1: Indicated for moderate cellulite blemishes (orange peel skin) which has more or less deep “holes”; it appears only on compression and occurs mostly with water retention.
GRADE 2: Indicated for evident cellulite imperfections (cushions). The skin looks grainy and hard and feels colder and sore.
GRADE 3: Indicated for intense cellulite imperfections.
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Labo OXY-TREAT Cellulite Treatment Intensive Anti-cellulite Draining Gel + Cream – Grade 1-2-3

For cellulite blemishes

One of the hallmarks of facial aging is the loss of subcutaneous volume, often associated with other imperfections such as the formation of wrinkles, the appearance of spots and the loss of elasticity.

ACTIVE OXYGEN: What’s this

Oxygen is one of the most requested beauty treatments; It has no side effects and in a few applications it visibly fights skin aging and gives the skin a radiant, fresh and luminous appearance.

High concentration oxygen treatments are able to use pure oxygen in a revolutionary way, detoxifying, nourishing and revitalizing skin cells.
They are also used with appreciable results in the treatment of acne. In these cases, in fact, the skin has lesions capable of carrying oxygen inside the tissues, allowing it to act.


Firms and shapes the skin of the face and body, reduces double chin and wrinkles on the forehead, nose and neck. It makes the skin more hydrated and radiant, making sun spots less visible. It reduces acne and the size of pores making them less noticeable.

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