Labo Gluteal Lifting Treatment Gr 1 -2


  • Contains: 1 Bottle of Gel 120ml + 1 Precision dispenser
  • 28 4ml doses for 28 days
  • Gluteal Lifting – Buttocks area is a dermo-cosmetic preparation with a lifting effect for skin laxity that characterizes the buttock area.
  • The patented formula promotes the reduction of skin sagging by helping to firm the part to regain a more taut and toned surface.
  • Gluteal Lifting contains the Lifteina transdermal penetration complex, plus 2 specific active ingredients for the lifting effect of the gluteal area and firming
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Labo Gluteal Lifting Treatment Gr 1 -2

Buttocks area. For skin laxity in the buttock area.



The gradual sagging of the skin tissues and the loss of elasticity and tone are the main causes of skin laxity, a very common imperfection in various parts of the body. The so-called “flaccidity” is a phenomenon determined in large part by the natural aging process.

With aging, the skin cells undergo a slowdown in metabolism with a reduction in the production of Collagen and Elastin which support the tissue. Furthermore, poor muscle tone, characteristic of those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, is one of the factors that contributes to the sliding of the tissues. Sudden weight loss or pregnancy are additional factors that put the skin’s elasticity and firmness at risk.

The areas of the body particularly affected by skin laxity are:

The brachial region or the inner area of ​​the arms between the armpit and elbow

The gluteal region, or the buttocks area

The crural region, or the inner area of ​​the thighs between the groin and the knee





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