Labo Facial and Eyelid Lifting Disposable Mask

39.00 31.20

  • 100% natural cellulose disposable mask. Immediate lifting effect.
  • Lifting Effect Mask is a disposable cellulose mask soaked in the special mixture of the patented Lifteina complex, consisting of 2 molecules with a mechanical effect and 7 with a biological effect.
  • Counteracts skin laxity and sagging features around the eyes and face. Acts effectively thanks to the Liftein Complex and Transdermal Technology for deep penetration of the active ingredients.
  • HOW TO USE: 1 Clean the skin of the face. 2 Place the mask on the face, making it adhere well. 3 Leave on for 30 minutes, if possible lying down. 4 Remove the mask and massage in the remaining fluid in upward movements until completely absorbed.
Labo Facial and Eyelid Lifting Disposable Mask