Labo Face Lifting New Advanced Formula


Facial Lifting – First Third of the Face, Subchin and Neck – New Advanced Formula GRADE 1-2-3

How to use

  • Dermocosmetic preparation with a lifting effect for skin laxity that favors the reduction of the sagging of the features in the lower part of the face and neck, helping to lift them, to find more tense and lifted contours.
  • Bottle of Gel of 30 ml plus a tube of Facial Solid Cream of 15 ml (also available in single version in tube of 50 ml).
  • Lifting Dosage 1: laxity and slight sagging
  • Lifting Dosage 2: laxity and moderate sagging
  • Lifting Dosage 3: laxity and severe sagging
Labo Face Lifting New Advanced Formula