Labo Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive 1900 Hair loss + Regrowth Treatment Man


Labo Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive 1900 Double Treatment Men 10+10 20+20 Vials (1-2 treatmeant months)

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  • Double anti-hair loss treatment + intensive rapid regrowth for thinned scalp.
  • Contrasts hair loss and promotes regrowth. Components similar to the molecules naturally present in the hair system stimulate the regeneration of the hair. Acts on Follicular Island.
  • All treatments are available in specific formulas for men and women.
    Increasing dosages from 200 to 2100 according to the degree of thinning
  • The Crescina Transdermic Re-Growth Rapid-Intensive vials (amber vials) contain the complex of 12 Plate-Like molecules that physiologically and synergistically promotes hair growth, associated with the Bulge-Stem complex capable of protecting and maintaining the environment of the bulge, inside the hair follicle, and the new Scalp Microbiome Complex, to rebalance the functionality of the beneficial microorganisms naturally present on the scalp.
  • Additional active ingredients included: Re-Growth complex, HFSC complex, 3 + 2 enhancer.
  • Crescina Transdermic Anti-Fall Forte vials (colorless vials) contain the basic active ingredients and the active ingredients Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, useful for strengthening the hair at the root, three plate-like molecules and three enhancers to assist its penetration in the hair system and scalp. The formula is enriched with the HSSC complex.
Labo Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive 1900 Hair loss + Regrowth Treatment Man