Labo Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive 1300 Woman


Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive 1300 Woman 20-40 Vials (1-2 months of treatment)

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  • Intensive rapid treatment against hair loss and thinning. Components similar to the molecules naturally present in the hair system promote hair regeneration.
  • All treatments are available in specific formulas for men and women. Effectiveness in 100% of the tested subjects.
  • Increasing dosages from 1700 to 2100 according to the degree of thinning.
  • Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive Follicular Islands is a topical cosmetic treatment for physiological hair growth with Transdermal Technology. It brings together in a single vial the complex for the Follicular Islands, the two PLC12 and Bulge-Stem treatments, and the technological innovation of the new Scalp Microbiome Complex with 3 + 2 enhancers.
  • Unlike single follicles that are valid for only one hair, FOLLICULAR ISLANDS, depending on the distribution and number, can count two or more hairs. With the thinning process, it is therefore essential to reserve a specific treatment for the follicular islands that is appropriate to the complexity of this extremely important system, in proportion to the total number of stems on the scalp.
Labo Crescina Transdermic Rapid-Intensive 1300 Woman
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