LABO Crescina PLC12 BULGE STEM ANTI-LOSS TREATMENT Re-Growth 1300 WOMAN 7 + 7 + 6 Vials

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The new Complete Treatment Crescina Transdermic Re-Growth PLC12 – Bulge-Stem – Anti-Fall consists of a triple treatment (contained in three different types of vials) which favors in a targeted way the physiological growth of hair in thinned areas, separating the functions of two complexes based on important and innovative active components for re-growth, and also counteracts excessive hair loss with the Strong Anti-Fall complex. The two PLC12 and Bulge-Stem treatments share the formulation basis with the Re-Growth complex (Cysteine, Lysine and Glycoprotein) and the patent enhancers for transdermal technology.

Treatments for men and women.

Available Dosages: 200, 500 and 1300.

Format: 7 + 7 + 6 vials (equivalent to one month of treatment).

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PLC12 – The treatment contains 12 plate-like molecules with increased concentration which, in fact, physiologically and synergistically favor hair growth. Being substances similar to the molecules naturally present in the hair system, they have brilliantly passed all transdermal penetration tests.

BULGE-STEM – The treatment contains the evolution of the HFSC complex which is able to protect the environment of the hair follicle, where the cells responsible for initiating new hair cycles are.

STRONG ANTI-LOSS – The Strong Anti-Fall treatment (colorless vials) combines the basic active ingredients and the active ingredients, useful for strengthening the hair at the root, three plate-like molecules and three enhancers to assist their penetration into the hair system and scalp.


Apply the preparation on a clean and dry scalp, line by line, insisting on the thinnest areas, being careful not to let it drip on the face. Let it penetrate with a light massage.

The vials each contain 3.5 ml and are for daily use to be done in sequence for the first 5 days of the week with two days off. Follow the order in which the vials are placed in the slots and refer to the diagram shown on the card. The treatment can be repeated several times a year.

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