Labo Crescina Cadu Crex ANTI-HAIR LOSS Rapid Intensive Thinning Hair Treatment for Women 20/40 Vials

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  • Topical treatment for cosmetic use in ampoules. Helps slow down hair loss and promote regrowth.
  • Available in specific formulas for Men and Women. Dosages available: initial hair loss, heavy hair loss, severe hair loss. Available in 20 ampoules (equivalent to one month’s treatment) and 40 ampoules (equivalent to two months’ treatment).
  • Crescina is not an anti-hair loss product; its function is generally to slow down or counteract the detachment of hair already present on the scalp. Crescina Re-Growth is designed to help prevent and treat thinning hair linked to physiological, non-pathological causes, and when the quantity and quality of the hair have gradually decreased due to reduced activity of the hair follicles.
  • Hair thinning and loss can have various physiological causes such as stress, seasonal changes, poor diet and ageing. The Crescina Rapid formulation acts inside the hair follicle, where the cells responsible for initiating new hair life cycles are stored, physiologically and synergistically promoting hair growth.


Hair loss

Hair loss in normal conditions is to be considered a natural physiological process of hair replacement. Hair growth, loss and regrowth are part of the hair life cycle, a sequence that is repeated continuously throughout a person’s life.

As long as hair loss is within the confines of this regrowth cycle it needn’t worry. However, when the phenomenon is triggered by exogenous, genetic or hormonal factors, it is possible that the falling structures are not adequately replaced by equally healthy hair.

Depending on the characteristics of the person and other factors such as problems with the scalp or the hair bulb, hair loss can manifest itself in many different forms. Baldness, or androgenetic alopecia, is the most common hair problem. More than 70% of men and 40% of women are affected in their lifetime.


Cadu-Crex Anti-Fall Rapid-Intensive is a topical treatment for cosmetic use that specifically helps to stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth with patented transdermal technology.

Thanks to this technology, the active ingredients, in particular the components of the Hair Loss Patent and Taurine, can penetrate the hair system not only via the transfollicular route (opening of the follicle) but also transdermally through the skin layers of the scalp, aided both by their low molecular weight and by the presence of 3+2 Enhancers, which also promote faster action of the preparation.

Cadu-Crex is useful in preventing and combating the physiological, non-pathological causes of hair loss. It does not act on completely atrophied follicles. Specific formulas for Men and Women. Available dosages: initial hair loss, heavy hair loss, severe hair loss. Available in 20 ampoules (equivalent to one month’s treatment) and 40 ampoules (equivalent to two months’ treatment).

Follicular Island

Unlike single follicles that are valid for only one hair, FOLLICULAR ISLANDS, depending on the distribution and number, can count two or more hairs. With the thinning process, it is therefore essential to reserve a specific treatment for the follicular islands that is appropriate to the complexity of this extremely important system, in proportion to the total number of stems on the scalp.


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