LABO COLLAGENINA 6 Collagen Dermal Pack Facial Anti-wrinkle Treatment


  • Dermocosmetic treatment with 6 high penetration Collagens with differentiated molecular weights with TRANSDERMAL TECHNOLOGY.
  • It helps to plump and firm the skin tissues of the face characterized by laxity. Indicated for sagging skin, marked micro-relief, micro-wrinkles, its formula helps re-compact collagen.
  • TRANSDEMIC TECHNOLOGY. The skin is difficult to permeate: to ensure that the functional molecules of the preparation penetrate the different levels, Labo researchers have developed the Transdermal Technology which is based on the low molecular weight of the active substances: this becomes the fundamental condition for their effectiveness. The percentages reported refer to the transdermal penetration of the functional active molecules after 24 hours obtained with the Labo Transdermal Technology and tested using Franz Cells.
  • Contains 14 doses of Preparatory Gel + 14 doses of Plumping Firming Wrap + 14 Doses of Emulsion + 2 Graduated Dispensers + 1 Spatula.
  • Available in 3 different dosages according to the level of need: Gr.1, Gr.2 and Gr.3.

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LABO COLLAGENINA 6 Collagen Dermal Pack Facial Anti-wrinkle Treatment


LABO COLLAGENINA 6 Collagen Dermal Pack Facial Anti-wrinkle Treatment is a dermocosmetic treatment with Transdermal Technology indicated for facial skin tissues characterized by relaxation.

Its formula contains endogenous collagen components to stimulate internal collagen production and active ingredients to prepare the skin for greater collagen penetration and continue to supply collagen throughout the day.

The Collagenina wrap is a treatment for home use that acts in just 14 days, thanks to its properties it is able to significantly increase the density of skin tissues and the thickness of the epidermis and dermis.

  • 6 molecules of Collagens with different molecular weights that penetrate the skin at the level of the dermis (ex-vivo test) to firm and plump up the loose and scarred tissue.
  • Constitutive amino acids of the collagen protein chain, they are used by the fibroblasts of the dermis to internally produce collagen.

COLLAGENIN intensive treatment consists of 3 different preparations that are used in succession: the preparatory gel, the compress and the emulsion. The first, the Gel, prepares the skin for greater penetration of the 6 Collagens contained in the second preparation, the Pack. The emulsion, the third preparation, supplies collagen to the skin in the hours following the application of the hydrophilic gel of the pack.


1. With the help of the special dispenser, take 2 ml of Preparatory Gel and distribute it all over the face avoiding the eye area and the mucous membranes.
2. Leave to act for 2 minutes. Close the bottle with the special rubber cap supplied.
3. With the help of the spatula, take a small amount of compress from the jar and spread it on the face in a thin layer: cheeks, jaw line, forehead. Avoid the eye area and nose.
4. Wait 10 minutes, then remove the residue with the spatula.
5. Rinse with warm water, possibly using a sponge or microfiber cloth. Pat dry.
6. Take 2 ml of Emulsion with 6 Collagens with the special dispenser and spread the preparation on the treated parts.


Over the years, the “bricks” of our skin, especially the collagen fibers, begin to break down, causing sagging and sagging. Collagen is a protein present in large quantities in the dermis (the intermediate layer of the skin), at the level of which it performs an important support function together with elastic fibres. However, it is not just a question of age. Genetics, sun exposure, and unhealthy lifestyle choices can also accelerate this process. To slow down the signs of aging we can resort to intensive treatments that help support the loss of this fundamental protein. Collagenina is a line patented by Labo with 6 rapidly penetrating collagens with Transdermal Technology. Collagenina allows you to pause the skin aging process by rebuilding collagen from within to firm and plump up the loose and scarred tissue. The collagen molecules of COLLAGENINA help maintain its firmness, tone and turgidity for younger-looking skin.



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