La Roche Posay Serum Retinol B3 Anti Wrinkles 30ml


  • RETINOL B3 BY La Roche Posay Serum helps skin appear instantly smoother and more radiant. Gradually, the skin regains firmness and the signs of aging are reduced: marked wrinkles, fine lines and uneven complexion.
    A unique regenerating serum concentrated with the reference anti-aging molecule Retinol [Pure + A gradually released Regenerating Vitamin B3.
  • Moisturizing fluid, silky, non-sticky finish
  • The formula of RETINOL B3 is a unique complex of Pure and Gradual Release Retinol for a continuous and effective anti-wrinkle action.
  • Combined with Vitamin B3 for optimal regenerating efficacy.
  • Optimal tolerability, clinically proven efficacy even on sensitive skin and certified by consumers*:
    • 96% feel wrapped in comfort
    • 92% gentle on the skin

*Cosmeto-clinical study on 51 women, 46-65 years old, for 2 months

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  • RETINOL [PURE RETINOL + PROGRESSIVE RELEASE RETINOL] Reference molecule in the dermo-cosmetic field, it is added to our formulations to act on deep wrinkles to give new life to your skin.
    The mix of pure and time-released retinol continuously releases an optimal amount of ingredient.
  • VITAMIN B3: Active ingredient to strengthen the skin barrier. Thanks to its intense soothing effect, it reduces redness.
  • GLYCERIN: Moisturizing active ingredient. It helps restore and protect the skin barrier.

PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS: The skin immediately recovers elasticity, softness and a fresh and beautiful complexion. wrinkles and fine lines are less marked. the skin has a firmer, renewed appearance:


  • 14% less visible wrinkles
  • 19% less visible fine lines
  • 21% more even complexion
  • 25% softer skin
  • Clinical test, 51 women under 65, two months of application in the evening.


  • 82% of skin looks younger
  • 92% feel fresher skin
  • 90% of the skin is smoother
  • For 96% the skin is softer and more hydrated
  • Self-assessment test, 51 women under 65, two-month application in the evening.

The RETINOL range helps reduce accentuated wrinkles and smooth skin texture. Developed with the aim of offering optimal efficacy and tolerability for sensitive skin, the formulas combine pure and gradual-release retinol: the former is recognized as one of the most effective active ingredients in acting on the signs of photo-aging (accentuated wrinkles and age spots), while the second promotes anti-aging effects while respecting sensitive skin.


  • RETINOL To refine the skin and smooth wrinkles. Slow-release retinol is a molecule that releases pure retinol for an anti-wrinkle effect. The gradual release of retinol allows for the release of an optimal and effective amount of this active ingredient.
  • HEPES: to improve skin texture.
  • NEUROSENSINE: for greater skin comfort.

Always apply facial care products to clean skin, this way the active ingredients penetrate the skin better and are more effective. In addition to the face, remember to take care of the areas most sensitive to the signs of ageing, such as the neck, décolleté and hands.


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