Himalayan Pink Salt Plate 30x20cm with Wooden Box


Salt Plate Gift Pack, an innovative kitchen tool made from a pure block of Himalayan Pink Salt.

The Pink Salt contains mineral salts, trace elements and iron; the latter gives it the typical color. This precious material, in addition to guaranteeing excellent cooking performance and cooking food in a dietary way without adding fats, is enriched with the ability to release small quantities of Pink Salt which flavor the dish and bring numerous nutritional benefits.

Available in various sizes. Also with wooden or metal support.

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To guarantee the duration and avoid breaking the salt plate, it is useful to take into account some precautions of use, such as avoiding thermal shock, making it gradually heat up and avoiding using cold water on the hot plate or placing frozen food on it; furthermore, the plate must not be in direct contact with the flame, so it is advisable to place the plate in the oven or use a flame spreader if using gas. To clean the salt plate, wait for it to cool and use a slightly abrasive sponge with sodium bicarbonate for food use. Rinsing under the jet of water must be quick and followed by thorough drying. It must not be immersed in water or washed in the dishwasher.


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