GUAM FangoGel Legs with Warming-Refreshing Draining Remodeling Action 200ml


  • Cream-gel treatment for legs based on Guam Marine Algae, Lipoactive Nanospheres assisted by plant extracts.
  • Draining action of excess liquids in the thighs and buttocks area. Fights swelling and accumulation of localized fat by stimulating skin microcirculation.
  • 200ml pack.
  • The Fanghi D’alga Guam reduces cellulite blemishes and skin fat in a natural way. Their anti-cellulite efficacy has been demonstrated and tested with university clinical tests, and the results are visible after the first applications.
  • FUNCTIONAL SUBSTANCES. Seaweed Guam, Lipoactive nanospheres based on Coccoloba uvifera (extract): containing OPCs (oligoprocyanidins) which regulate adipogenesis and the accumulation of fat in adipocytes. Draining plant extract: licorice, weed, dandelion, bitter orange, horsetail, birch and meadowsweet. Kaolin.
  • Since 1986, Guam seaweed has been harvested every year in pristine oceans, dried and artfully treated to keep their remineralizing, skin-protective, anti-free radical, draining and effective anti-cellulite properties intact.
  • Guam products respect the environment and are eco-sustainable. They are born from a 100% natural ingredient, free from animal derivatives, with FSC® certified cardboard packaging.
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GUAM FangoGel Legs with Warming-Refreshing Draining Remodeling Action


GUAM FangoGel Legs with Warming-Refreshing Draining Remodeling Action is a gel-cream with a soft, light texture, easy to apply and rapidly absorbed. The draining and remodeling action is guaranteed by a complex of highly effective ingredients: Guam Algae and Lipoactive Nanospheres, assisted by plant extracts.

The strong effect against excess liquids and skin anti-aging promoted by Guam Algae, in fact, is maximized by Lipoactive Nanospheres technology capable of acting in a targeted way by counteracting the accumulation of liquids in the thighs and buttocks.

Circulation and microcirculation are stimulated by the hot-cold effect. An initial sensation of freshness is followed by a pleasant wave of warmth. The blood begins to circulate again even in the areas richest in adipocytes, and the waste substances are finally eliminated by the lymphatic system.

With the help of highly draining plant extracts and kaolin, detoxifying and purifying, GUAM MudGel Draining Remodeling Legs fights, application after application, swelling, water retention and localized fat accumulation. Buttocks, thighs and knees are slimmer, more shaped and lighter, and the skin acquires new firmness and vitality.


The product should be applied with a light massage until completely absorbed.

During and immediately after application, you will feel a pleasant sensation of freshness which may give way, after a few minutes, to a sensation of warmth and/or widespread redness in the treated area, which may last even for a few hours depending on the subjective skin sensitivity.

We recommend one application a day for the first 15/20 days; prevention and maintenance, one application every two days.

After application, wash your hands. Read the warnings on the packaging. Do not use in case of allergy to the ingredients and/or on injured or irritated skin.

GUAM  History

The founder of Guam, Egidio Siena, arrived in the port of Brest in Brittany (France); here he saw boats full of seaweed collected by local fishermen from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. The seaweed, then spread out on the fields adjacent to the sea, was dried in the sun and in the ocean wind and then lost 80% of their weight. Once dried, they were taken to the mills and finely ground thus becoming a flour called “fior fiore d’Alga”.

From the great love for the sea and from the experience in the field of cosmetics, Egidio Siena, starting from this flower of seaweed, elaborated a formulation enriched with vegetable extracts and other natural ingredients until obtaining a mud that contained all the properties of this precious GREEN GOLD. Thus Guam Seaweed Mud was born, since then used and appreciated all over the world.

GUAM The benefits of seaweed

Feeding on the riches of the sea, algae concentrate up to 50,000 times the properties of the marine environment. Hence the origin and the known extraordinary nature of their benefits when they become the main ingredient in treatments for the care, beauty and well-being of the person.

Marine algae have multiple properties. They stimulate, promote turnover, tone the endocrine glands and therefore fight aging. They rebalance the organic soil, reinforcing the natural defences. Remineralizing, circulatory, slimming, they are rich in anti-rheumatic, anti-infective powers.

Their indications are numerous: adenitis, lymphatism, general predisposition to diseases, prevention and treatment of cardio-vascular diseases, obesity, cellulite.

To be effective, seaweed baths must contain enough seaweed to have this effect. These baths are effective provided of course that the algae have been harvested and dried skilfully and have kept all of their properties.

GUAM Cosmetics respecting the environment

Environmental sustainability is one of the fundamental principles that has guided the company since 1986. The products are born from the ingredient that gave rise to life itself, marine algae that grow spontaneously on the ocean floor, every year, forever.

They are harvested using a traditional tool that allows extraction without harming the plant and without altering the ecosystem of the seabed. Energy from renewable sources is used, reducing the environmental impact and all Guam products are free from ingredients of animal origin.




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