GUAM Fanghi D’Alga Guam Anti-cellulite Rapid Action Warming Formula 500gr

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  • Anti-cellulite treatment based on Guam Seaweed fast acting with warming formula.
  • Pack of 500gr.
  • F.I.R. Far Infrared Rays. The Fanghi D’Alga Guam F.I.R. absorb body heat, which is then returned in the form of Far Infrared Rays. The benefit is immediate: the rays reactivate blood and lymphatic circulation, revitalize cells and tissues.
  • The Fanghi D’Alga Guam reduces cellulite blemishes and skin fat in a natural way. Their anti-cellulite efficacy has been demonstrated and tested with university clinical tests, and the results are visible after the first applications.
  • Reduction of the thighs – Cellulite reduction – Firms and increases skin elasticity – Increases microcirculation – Contrasts water retention.
  • FUNCTIONAL SUBSTANCES. Guam Seaweed, Fucus Phytoextracts, Black Tourmaline, Clay, Horse Chestnut and Ivy, Sage and Lemon Essential Oils, Escin and Caffeine.
  • Warming complex Since 1986, the Fanghi D’Alga Guam has been harvested every year in pristine oceans, dried and artfully treated to keep their remineralizing, skin-protective, anti-free radical, draining and effective anti-cellulite properties intact.
  • Guam products respect the environment and are eco-sustainable. They are born from a 100% natural ingredient, free from animal derivatives, with FSC® certified cardboard packaging.
GUAM Fanghi D’Alga Guam Anti-cellulite Rapid Action Warming Formula 500gr