Fillerina 12 Double Filler Gel Lips and Mouth 7ml


  • Fillerina 12 Double Filler Lips and Mouth is a dermo-cosmetic treatment in gel, with high penetration, without needles, which favors a filling effect, filling the tissues, defining the mouth contour with anti-wrinkle action.
  • FILLERINA DOUBLE EFFECT FILLER. FILLER EFFECT 1: 12 High penetration hyaluronic acids to help fill and plump the tissues. FILLER EFFECT 2: 2 Powerful Precursors of Hyaluronic Acid from within.
  • TRANSDERMAL TECHNOLOGY . To ensure that the Hyaluronic Acids and the other functional molecules of Fillerina penetrate the different levels, the Labo researchers have developed a Transdermal Technology which is based on the low molecular weight of the active substances: it becomes the fundamental condition for their penetration into the skin layers to which their real filling effectiveness is linked.
  • With special applicator equipped with a stainless steel ball tip for massage.
  • Available in three dosages increasing by level of need: Gr.3, Gr.4, Gr.5
Fillerina 12 Double Filler Gel Lips and Mouth 7ml