Fillerina 12 Double Filler Breast Support Treatment Gel + Cream


  • Intensive rapid treatment for breast support. Single dosage.
  • Filler Effect 1 with 12 Hyaluronic Acids with high penetration from the outside
  • Filler Effect 2 with 2 Powerful Hyaluronic Acid Precursors from the inside
  • CONTAINS: 15 doses of 3 ml of Double Effect Filler Gel, 15 doses of 3 ml of Cream Treatment, 1 precision applicator with drop-end cannula (external use), 1 spatula.
  • The Continuation Cream is also available in single pack of 100 ml, in single dosage.
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Fillerina 12 Double Filler Breast Support Treatment Gel + Cream

Intensive dermo-cosmetic treatment to promote breast tone by firming the supporting tissues, or the “natural bra” that covers and supports the breasts.

Having firm breasts

The breast is a gland made up of skin, fat, glandular structures. In addition to natural aging, there are many factors that contribute to the emptying of the tissues in the breast area. Weight changes, pregnancies and hormonal cycles, which follow one another over a woman’s life, are among the main factors. The good news is that the right diet and exercise can work effectively in slowing down these processes.

Among the “cure-all” foods there are for example:

water is the main element that guarantees proper skin hydration.

tomatoes that contain lycopene, considered the most potent producer of hyaluronic acid in nature.

seafood, especially mussels which contain zinc, an important anti-inflammatory element.

dried fruit that contains Omega 3 content to facilitate good metabolic activity.

vitamin C (fruit contains citrus, carrots, kiwi) in red fruit and red wine helps maintain constant blood circulation.

Furthermore, there are more and more technologies that are used in the field of surgery and aesthetic medicine, from mammoplasty to the most innovative lipofilling treatments.

However, today it is possible to obtain firm breasts and a harmonious décolleté without resorting to surgery.

Breast treatments Fillerina 12 DOUBLE FILLER – Volume and Support

Effective from the first applications to give tone, firmness and lift the breasts with a push-up effect.


The mixture of 12 Hyaluronic acids of various sizes and molecular weights has a filling and plumping function.

The 3 molecules of Collagen with diversified molecular able to favor the density of the extracellular matrix, and the filling.

The two molecules of Elastin with differentiated molecular weights make up for physiological stability by restoring elasticity and plasticity to the skin.

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