Candy Phytodetox Anti-odor Refreshing Hair Spray 150ml


Candy Phytodetox Anti-odor Refreshing Hair Spray

  • Clean hair, visibly softer and shinier
  • Anti-odor action
  • It does not weigh down the hair
  • Product for every day
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Candy Phytodetox Anti-odor Refreshing Hair Spray

Pollution, stress, accumulation of styling products, hard water. Our intense lifestyle suffocates the scalp and hair. Daily gesture the spray is the ideal treatment for those who want to always have clean hair. Double anti-odor action: neutralizes daily bad odors and prevents them from impregnating the hair. Hair regains freshness and volume for a feeling of clean hair at all times.

HOW TO USE: Spray on the roots and lengths. Proceed with the hairstyle. Do not rinse.

Origins of the ingridients are 99% natural and vegetable.

Eucalyptus essential oil

Thanks to its refreshing action, it is suitable for weighted and asphyxiated hair.

Kumquat’s Extract

Thanks to the high concentration of anti-oxidant vitamin C but also of sugars and moisturizing minerals, the Kumquat extract revitalizes the hair.

Bardana’s extractions
Helps detoxify the scalp and brings lightness to weighted hair that tends to get dirty quickly


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