Cadu-Crex Anti-Fall Hair Root Benefit Shampoo SERIOUS MAN 150ml


  • Specific detergent that makes use of the Labo patented Anti-Hair Loss complex, designed for frequent washing, can also be used every day.
  • 150ml bottle
  • Ideal complement to topical treatments in Cadu-Crex Anti-Hair Loss vials
  • Helps stop hair loss by promoting re-growth. Formula with active complex on the scalp microbiome
  • Increases the resistance of the hair by counteracting premature detachment thanks to the Hair Root Benefit complex.
  • It acts in the hair system not only via the transfollicular route but also via the transdermal route.
  • Thanks to the patented TRANSDERMAL TECHNOLOGY, the active substances, in particular the components of the Fall Patent and Taurine, can penetrate the hair system not only via the transfollicular route (follicle opening) but also by transdermal route through the skin layers of the scalp (test ex-vivo with Franz Cells) assisted by the presence of 5 Enhancers which favor a more rapid action of the preparation.
  • TRANSDERMAL TECHNOLOGY. The skin is hardly permeable. To penetrate the various levels, Labo researchers have developed a “transdermal” technology: it is based on the low molecular weight of the active substances which becomes the fundamental condition for their penetration limited to the skin layers and their real effectiveness.
  • In specific formulas for men and women, and in 3 different dosages


Cadu-Crex Anti-Fall Hair Root Benefit Shampoo SERIOUS MAN

  • Specific cleanser with Labo’s patented Anti-Hair Loss complex
  • Ideal complement to topical treatments in Cadu-Crex Anti-Hair Loss vials
  • In specific formulas for men and women, and in 3 different dosages

Cadu-Crex Anti-Fall Hair Root Benefit Shampoo SERIOUS MAN is the specific adjuvant against hair loss. It makes use of the activity of the patented Labo anti-hair loss complex (Swiss and European Patent) composed of Hydroxyproline, Aspartic Acid, Enzymatic Activator and Taurine, useful for strengthening the hair root by counteracting its detachment. Characterized by a specific cleansing base, it is the ideal complement to Cadu-Crex treatments Treatment in vials.


Stress, change of season, bad diet, aging are some of the main physiological causes of hair loss. It has been calculated that the daily fall can reach up to 100 hairs, but a higher fall is an indication of suffering of the hair and the follicle. Small changes in lifestyle, in synergy with the right treatments, can produce significant results. Although hair loss can be a transitory phenomenon, in many cases it is necessary to apply a specific product that takes care of the hair by helping to counteract its detachment from the scalp.

  1. Eat iron-containing foods, such as legumes, red meat, spinach, or turkey.
  2. Integrate if necessary with food supplements based on Methionine Cystine Iron, Vitamins PP, E, B6 (Biotin) or B8
  3. Reduce stress, practice the right physical activity
  4. Eliminate harmful factors such as smoking and alcohol
  5. Use shampoo, conditioner and specific treatments regularly

In addition to correcting and integrating our lifestyle, we can find in high-tech. Anti-hair loss treatments an excellent ally in counteracting and slowing down hair loss and thinning.

Cadu-Crex acts specifically to counteract the physiological (non-pathological) causes of hair loss.

The new formula includes the Hair Root Benefit complex — from Ocimum Basilicum Hairy Root Culture Extract extract, to help the hair’s resistance by counteracting its premature detachment — and the energy molecule ATP with Ribose.

Cadu-Crex makes use of Labo’s patented Transdermal Technology according to which low molecular weight dermo-cosmetic active molecules are used in association with 3+2 Enhancer for penetration through the skin layer both at the epidermis and dermis level.

The basic active ingredients for hair loss are associated with the components of Crescina Ri-Crescita, the Pilum-Stem complex, the 7 Plate-Like Molecules (similar to the endogenous molecules naturally present in the hair system which contribute to strengthening the anti-hair loss action of prepared) and the new Scalp Microbiome Complex which helps intensify the activity of the anti-hair loss components thanks to its action on the scalp microbiome.


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